What is the fastest electric longboard?

1. Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard

Top speed: 24 MPH

This e-skateboard gets the top spot on our list because it’s simply amazing. This is a high-end e-skateboard with a super strong performance.

The board is so fast. You can go up to 24 MPH. There are in fact 5 riding modes you can select from.

You can even climb hills with this board thanks to its precise 190mm trucks and high-rebound wheels.

On one single charge, you can have the freedom of up to 14 miles of range. Speeding up on this board is lightning fast. Also, you’ll love that it’s super lightweight.

The price of this skateboard is in the $1,000 mark. This may not be for every budget. However, if you can stretch your budget to this point, the board will certainly not disappoint.

2. WOWGO 2S (38″) Electric Skateboard

Quest longboards
Quest longboards

Top speed: 23.4 MPH

This Wowgo skateboard is another great option worth checking out. We think you’ll be glad to know that this board cost $1,100 less than the Boosted e-skateboard we saw earlier.

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