About Us

Who We Are

Who and who, you may ask? It’s I & I, like 1 & 1. Because we think every individual is as unique as their fingerprints, we are one out of many in the skateboard industry! Don’t mistake us for iPhone products in any ways!

Tiffani W. Marrero and I are twin brothers. We look the same, we dress the same, we go to the same school. Kind of weird and boring, isn’t it? No, absolutely not! For us, that’s double the fun. We love it so much that sometimes folks can’t tell whether it’s me or my brother. We have fun teasing them all the time.

They call us the Double I in the skatepark. We want this kind of board where both players can be on and ride. Don’t you think that’s possible? Hmm… we doubt it but would love one like that! Anyway, we’re just two simple brothers who love skateboarding. Thanks for coming here today! Let’s see what you can get out of the blog next!

What This Blog is About

Basically, the blog is about sports. We talk a lot about skateboarding here. You’ll find tons of special product reviews, tips, hacks, tricks, etc. that will definitely take you to the next level. We also love hearing from readers’ comments and feedback. We learn a lot from that, too!

Our Goal

Our goal is simple: Help you become a better player.  We know that it’s hard to get good at skateboarding. Just like anything, it takes practice, patience, and practice. We want to be your partner on this journey. We definitely don’t want you to make stupid buying decisions like us years ago (we hated that cheap Chinese junk). No, we want you to start your adventure however you like and still find it enjoyable. Thanks for reading the blog and stay tuned for more amazing posts! Keep rolling!