What is the fastest electric longboard?

1. Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard

Top speed: 24 MPH

This e-skateboard gets the top spot on our list because it’s simply amazing. This is a high-end e-skateboard with a super strong performance.

The board is so fast. You can go up to 24 MPH. There are in fact 5 riding modes you can select from.

You can even climb hills with this board thanks to its precise 190mm trucks and high-rebound wheels.

On one single charge, you can have the freedom of up to 14 miles of range. Speeding up on this board is lightning fast. Also, you’ll love that it’s super lightweight.

The price of this skateboard is in the $1,000 mark. This may not be for every budget. However, if you can stretch your budget to this point, the board will certainly not disappoint.

2. WOWGO 2S (38″) Electric Skateboard

Quest longboards
Quest longboards

Top speed: 23.4 MPH

This Wowgo skateboard is another great option worth checking out. We think you’ll be glad to know that this board cost $1,100 less than the Boosted e-skateboard we saw earlier.

Is it good, however? Most definitely. The battery they use on this skateboard is Samsung 22V cell. The board is waterproof and dustproof.

Heavier folks can also ride this board with ease. It can carry riders up to 280 lbs. You’ll like the wireless remote control because it’s so easy to use and fits nicely in the hand.

Climbing up hills is absolutely no problem with this baby. It can climb a 25-30% grade with speed and ease. The concave and convex deck also make riding super comfortable.

What we love most about this board is that it’s super quiet. You won’t even notice the battery is running.

A small note, however, is that the board may slow down a bit when you’re riding uphills. On a level road, you can expect to reach speeds over 15 MPH with no problems.

3. Maxfind Max 2 Dark Wheels Dual & Single Motor Electric Skateboard

Top speed: 23 MPH

Here is another super nice and fast e-skateboard for you to choose. We love the design of this board.

Unlike other models that you’ve seen which are over 36 inches, this e-skateboard is more like an electric penny board. Yes, it does look very cute.

The board is ultra-thin, making it super easy to carry around and even on public transportations.

The deck is made from PP plastic with reinforced fiberglass that’s super strong and durable. You’ll also get PVC & PEA grip on the deck surface for some extra grip.

The board can climb 30% grade hills. You’ll find quite big wheels that are shock absorbent and wear resistant. The battery lasts for a very long time.

For around $500, we think this is a great choice that fully delivers on every aspect.

4. Spadger Electric Skateboard D5X Plus 35’’ Boosted Longboard

Are Rimable skateboards good for beginners
Are Rimable skateboards good for beginners

Top speed: 23 MPH

This Spadger is a super cool e-skateboard. It also has a top speed of 23 MPH. If you don’t like a short skateboard, you can totally check out this longboard option right here.

First of all, the design of this board looks so amazing. Whoever designed this board deserves a promotion.

It’s such a clever graphic that at first glance you’ll think that this is a self-balancing scooter. What’s nice about this board is it also has built-in LED lights.

You can safely ride it at night. Plus, you can control the RGB lights right from their smartphone app. We incredibly love it!

There are 4-speed modes for different riders. For beginners, you can choose the starter mode that takes you up to 9 MPH. For pro riders, go ahead and select the pro mode which will get you flying at 23 MPH.

The max load is this board is 264 lbs. Also, it’s not a heavy board at all. You can carry it around quite easily.

5. teamgee H5 37″ Electric Skateboard

Top speed: 22 MPH

Many riders are already riding this skateboard every day and they love it. This is the limited edition color.

It’s a longboard that can travel at max speeds of 22 MPH. That’s pretty fast. The board is super light compared to other models. It weighs around 14.5 lbs.

On one single charge, you can travel up to 11 miles of radius. Taking turns on this board is also super nice. You won’t get any wheel bites thanks to the cut-out (drop-through) deck.

Racing downhills on the board will be incredibly amazing. The strong grip PU wheels will ensure that you have the most stable ride possible.

The price of this board is very sweet for all the value it offers. It costs $469. We think this is a reliable electric vehicle that can take you places in style and comfort.

6. VOKUL V1 Electric Skateboard Cruiser

Are Sector 9 longboards good for beginners
Are Sector 9 longboards good for beginners

Top speed: 13 MPH

You’ve got to check out this awesome skateboard. It’s one of the cheapest options there are. However, it’s very high-quality.

Part of what makes this board cheaper than other models is the scaled down motor. It sports a 350W motor. With this power, you can travel up to 13 MPH. That’s pretty decent for an e-skateboard.

Did we mention that this board looks super duper nice? It’s 29.5 inches long. So, it’s definitely a longboard. It’s not a penny board either. But, it’s somewhere in between.

It has a fishtail deck, which we think makes it look kind of cute. The overall board is very lightweight. You’ll have no trouble carrying it around or putting it into your backpack at all.

The max grade of this one is 10 degrees. This means you can climb hills but not too steep ones. Speed may decrease as you go higher.

Overall, this is an incredibly good board for around $229. A very good choice for starters!

7. Hiboy Electric Skateboard

Top speed: 12.4 MPH

Finally, we want to introduce to you this Hiboy e-skateboard. We think your sons and daughters are going to love it as well.

This is the new, upgraded version. The board has been fully UL2271 certified. You can rest assured in terms of electrical safety.

This is one of the lightest boards on the market. It weighs around 8.5 lbs. This is amazing. Because some regular skateboards nowadays weigh just around that point.

Also, the length of this deck is pretty standard for most skateboards. So, you won’t get a penny board or a longboard, this is the right skateboard size at 30 inches.

The max load of the board is 220 lbs, which is pretty decent. On one charge, you can travel up to 6.2 miles at the max speed of 12.4 MPH.

We’re sure adults and kids are going to have a great time riding this board for short commutes, to school, or around town. You’ll turn many heads along the way, too!


Having the wrong foot position when pushing
Having the wrong foot position when pushing

What are some of your favorites from the list? None or every single one of them? If you’re a starter who just wants to explore this sport, we’d recommend getting those $200 ones like VOKUL or Hiboy.

If you’re a more serious rider that needs a reliable electric vehicle, getting yourself a $500 to $1,000 skateboard like the MaxFind or Boosted is definitely worth the price. Have fun!