Are Volador longboards good for beginners?

Find a beginner, the first thing you should do to start longboarding is getting yourself a good longboard that you could ride comfortably on. However, with lots of different longboard brands on the market, users often find themselves overwhelmed, especially with beginners.

Which is why we believe that it’s necessary for skateboard beginners to be introduced to quality brands. This would really narrow down their selections, making it less taxing when choosing longboards for beginners.

In this post, we’ll be discussing about Volador longboards, and whether they offer good longboards for newbies?

About Volador Longboards

Longboards Good For Beginners
Longboards Good For Beginners

The world-famous brand has been around for years and is one of the few brands that produce the best longboards and skateboards for skaters. In additions, their products also cover a wide variety of different categories, which allows you to gain access to all the components. Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose the ones that suit you the most.

Why Should You Choose Volador Longboards?

We were all longboard beginners when we first starting out. Hence, we know that most beginners are young teenagers who don’t really have the budget capability to purchase high-end products. Fortunately, since Volador products cover a wide variety of different prices, you can easily select an affordable board without breaking your budget. Plus, it also comes with relatively good quality and lots of customizations.

Longboards For Beginners

The Best Pintail Longboards For Beginners
The Best Pintail Longboards For Beginners

Now you’ve known that Volador longboards are a good brand that you can trust, it’s time to know a little bit about choosing longboards for beginners so you can make the most appropriate choice.


When it comes to longboard, the length is considered more important than the width. That being said, your board must have a considerably large wheelbase so that you can comfortably stand on. Ideally, the wheelbase must be long enough to put both your feet on while they’re shoulder-wide apart. For most beginners, we recommend getting boards that measure between 39 and 50 inches.

Having a large deck also allow for better stability while you’re riding on your board. If you’re a beginner who doesn’t have any experience on longboarding, having a large board would make the learning a lot easier.

In additions, large boards also allow for comfortable switches between the feet. Hence, you’ll find dancing and doing tricks on your boards easier.


The Best Longboard Trucks
The Best Longboard Trucks

For beginners, it’s best to get themselves wide trucks that deliver better stability. You’ll find it extremely comfortable riding on your board, even if it’s your first time. In additions, it’s also necessary to equip your board with relatively low trucks to make your board as close to the ground as possible. This really helps beginners getting used to their board without spending too much effort.

However, once you’ve become familiar with riding on a pair of low trucks. You will need to switch to those that offer better height. This would allow you to mount larger wheels as well as making the turnings less restricted.


Due to the large deck and unique designs, you’re allowed to mount larger wheels on your longboard compared to those on skateboards. This explains why longboards usually travel fasters and are more stable than skateboards.

However, as longboard beginners, you’re recommended to start with relatively small wheels to make the board closer to the ground. This would ensure the stability that you need to get your board rolling. Once you’ve gotten better, you can switch to larger wheels to gain better speed and maneuverability.

In additions, you’ll also need to choose between hard wheels and soft wheels depending on your preferences. If you’re more into urban skating and casual cruising, then having soft wheels would ensure a smooth experience as they perform great on rough surfaces.

On the other hand, for skateboard beginners who’re more interested in downhill racing and other high-speed activity, it’s best to get themselves some hard wheels. They would help to deal with rocks and pebbles that are always on the way while you’re riding on rough terrains.

Plus, hard wheels also provide better speed as they generate less friction compared to soft wheels.



This is the classic design for longboards, you’ll likely to encounter it on many products in the market. The board is suitable for various skating styles including downhill races, cruising, and so on. The aerodynamic design with a pointy nose and tapered tail allow the boards to travel faster and longer.


This type of deck is also suitable for most activities, though many prefer using it for downhill skating and racing due to their flexibility. The unique design allows you to mount large wheels without having to worry about wheel bites.


These are essentially pintail board with some changes. They’re slightly tapered in length and width allowing for more portability. Cruiser board is suitable for urban cruising and casual transportations.


When it comes to longboarding, the bearing is one of the most important components on your board. Since you’ll likely to travel relatively fast on your board during your downhill races, cruising, and likewise, the bearings will need to work well to ensure a smooth ride.

You can either choose metal or ceramic bearings for your longboard. Either of which, you won’t likely to go wrong with Volador products. Keep in mind that ceramics bearings will perform better and last longer. However, if you’re a beginner and are on a budget, having metal bearings will be a better option.

In additions, for longboarding, you should also pay attention to bearings ABEC ratings. Better ABEC ratings mean that your bearings are more precise and will perform better while riding at high speed.

Best Volador Longboard For Beginners

Longboard wheels vs skateboard wheels
Longboard wheels vs skateboard wheels

Here you’ll find one of the best longboards for beginners from Volador, which we’ve selected judging on a beginner’s perspective.

VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard

For those who’re looking for a versatile longboard that doesn’t break their budget, the VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard is certainly a good deal. The board comes with complete construction which is perfect for beginners who haven’t know how to build their own board.

In additions, the 8-ply maple deck ensures a decent flex for cruising and carving while still maintain a good rigidity for high-speed activity. For beginners who haven’t decided what are their favorite skating activities, it would be nice to start skating on this longboard.

Moreover, the board comes with reverse kingpin trucks that are also adjustable. Hence, you can customize the leaning functionality to make the board suitable for downhill skating or casual cruising.

And last but not least, with ABEC 9 bearings, the board allows you to enjoy smooth and comfortable rides at good speeds.


  • Great price
  • Reliable functions
  • Versatile
  • High-quality bearings


  • None

And that’s our opinions on whether Volador longboards good for beginners. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in our future posts.